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“Dakor Agro Holding” – vertically integrated agricultural company that unites 3 working sugar-refineries, which are situated in three regions of Ukraine, 30 agricultural enterprises, which lease 106 thousand hectares of land, the motor transport enterprise, the biofuel production plant, grain-storage plant and other departments.       
 In  particular, the union includes Dubno sugar-refinery of Rivne region, Krements (Ternopil region) and Zolochiv sugar-refinery (Lviv region), which produce sugar from sugar beet end  sugar stuff, and also the derivative products – molasses (the raw material for confectionary, alcohol and yeast industries), fresh, dry and grained bagasse.  
“Dakor Agro Holding” takes the leading position for the total power of its refineries (for about 14 thousand tons of sugar beet processing for 24 hours) among the sugar industry companies of Ukraine, and in particular takes the five place for the quantity of produced sugar in the season of 2008 year (almost 6% of the sugar market).       
The successful activity of sugar refineries first of
all depends on the effective storage of sufficient quantity of sugar raw material. “Dakor Agro Holding” was one of the first who followed the way of providing the refineries by the own-producing sugar raw material. For this purpose the new lands are leased annually.  As a result, the Company handled the needs in raw material by 76% by the own-cultivated sugar beet that is one of the highest indexes among the large sugar refineries of Ukraine. During the season in 2008 the amount of its own sugar beet rose to 89 %. In 2009 it is planning to provide the refineries by the own-producing sugar raw material up to 100%.
Nowadays, the group of companies “Dakor Agro Holding” shares the first and second places among the sugar companies in Ukraine for the area of leased agricultural lands and the speed of its prosperity increase. 
The firm successes are provided thanks to the many factors.
First of all it is the attentive approach to the client that provides the constant tendency of the firm to the prolonged mutually beneficial cooperation.
Other factor is the constant orientation to the development and improvement. This caused the successful entering of the solely sugar company to the agricultural market, the development of the subsidiary business directions, the arrangement of the developed infrastructure (communication, computerization, GPS etc.), the introduction of the latest accounting and control technologies, the support of the stuff professionalism, the introduction of the programs of personnel continual training and its familiarization with the latest world business tendency.
In the light of entering of
Ukraine to the World Trade Organization the issue of quality conformance of the products with the world standards takes on the special significance. Accordingly, a lot of work is done in odder to implementate this management system of quality ДСТУ ISO 9001-2000 to all enterprises in the group of company “Dakor Agro Holding”, which first received Dubno sugar mill in spring 2008.    
The aforesaid advantages allowed the company to be the second on the Ukrainian market who carried out the private distribution of 20% of shares among the foreign investors. The Company’s Shares were purchased by over then ten large investment funds, and the half of distributed shares were sold in the form of depositary receipts issued by Bank of  New York.


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